The use of the fashionable color white gives the non-illuminated globe a reserved but charming appearance. It shows the political organization of the world as well as the structure of the oceans


When switched on, the globe not only shows a different map, it also changes its character. The oceans appear in classical deep blue, while the continents are illuminated in warm color tones which bathe the room in a pleasant atmosphere


globe: illuminated
Map non-illuminated: political
Map illuminated: physical
Diameter: 13.39 inch / 34 cm
Model: acrylic glass, handcrafted
Scale: 1:38.000.000
Inscriptions - ca.: 4400
Meridian/ Base: Meridian and Base satin stainless steel
OID compatible: OID compatible
Height: ca. 40 cm

Globe Light : Duo Alba


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