The DUORAMA™ cartography conveys an extraordinary 3-dimensional picture of the Earth with its detailed relief shadings and the accurate physical cartography. The relief globes have a hand-papered map on which the relief is hand-modelled


Each rise of the geographical map is individually formed with a small piece of clay and placed on the glass ball. The skilled worker sticks on the clay the corrensponding extract of lthe map - a high-complicated fligree work that can not be done without an extremely calm hand and many years of experience


globe: illuminated
Map non-illuminated: vegetation geographical
Map illuminated: political
Diameter: 13.39 inch / 34 cm
Model: handcrafted, acrylic glass
Scale: 1:38.000.000
Inscriptions - ca.: 3600
Meridian/ Base: Satin stainless steel
iPhone & iPad compatible: not compatible
OID compatible: OID compatible
Height: ca. 40 cm

Globe Light : Duorama

RM1,799.00 Regular Price
RM1,259.30Sale Price

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